Club Penguin Updates Tonight

Tomorrow Club Penguin will update tonight. This is their fourth update of 2014. Here’s what may come in the updates:

  • New pin
  • Puffle backyards
  • New login look
  • Ski Hill and Forest get renovated
  • Gary visits
  • Prehistoric Party 2014
  • Newspaper issue 431
  • Possibly a new EPF message

There’s also more #WaddleOn later today after its short break!

If you have not done the following I would recommend to:

  • Get the Stone scissors pin
  • Say goodbye to the current  Ski Hill and Forest design

Sorry for the delay…

The title says most of it! I am sorry for the delay, I could not find times because of school. We hope to be back up later!

Club Penguin To Add Russian Language

Based on Club Penguin adding some Russian text to their files it does appear the team is working on translating the game to another language! I had no idea if it was just some testing since it was the only instance I’d seen of Club Penguin in Russian but now that a second string of text has popped up on Club Penguin it seems very likely it will be a reality at some point. Back when Club Penguin was working on the German language there were a few strings of German text.

Last month Trainman1406 received a tip from Noe231 with the following picture from Club Penguin’s main configuration file. He found the member badge in Russian. It says клуб, which is the Russian word for “club” meaning they’re a part of the member club. While I was somewhat skeptical since I didn’t know if Club Penguin had many Russian players, so as a result I held off on making a post.



However, last night Saraapril posted that the Welcome Mat furniture item now has Russian text too. It says “привет” which is Russian for “hello”. (“welcome” in Russian is too long to fit) Back when Club Penguin was working on the game in German the German word for welcome appeared on the mat, and sure enough the game was released in German at a later date.

[Mat picture coming soon, investigating whats wrong with taking picture button!]

If you’re skeptical, check out Google Translate. The translations for the English words matches the Russian words shown above (For now just wait).



There is final piece of evidence, however Club Penguin fixed the error just the other day after it was there for a minimum of several weeks. On Club Penguin’s help page under “how do I cancel my membership?” if you went to click “read more” the URL was wrong, and instead began with just “ru” – the common abbreviation for Russian. A coincidence? I think not. 



So in theory, this is pretty solid proof Club Penguin is working on a Russian version of the game. If so this would be their fifth non-English language, with the previous ones being Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German. Apparently they have large enough of a Russian user-base in order to add Russian to the game. I had no idea there were that many Russian players!

It will probably take some time until the game is launched in Russian, if it ever is. But as I’ve said it seems very likely, because why else would Club Penguin spend so much time translating the game to a different language? As Billybob would say…. вразвалку на! (Russian for waddle on :P)

Credit goes to Trainman1405 for letting me copy and paste this all.


Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Tonight

Club Penguin updates tonight at 8:00- 11:00 CST, 9:00- 12:00 EST. Below has the minor and major updates.

  • The Penguins That Time Forgot returns to stage
  • January 2014 Igloo and Furniture catalog
  • Snow forts message updated
  • Club Penguin times issue 430
  • Possibly a new EPF message 

Heres what to do if you did not done so:

  • Get items from A Humbug Holiday, the current stage play
  • Get items on clearance on the December 2013 clothing catalog 

Other than all said above, there is

  • The Spoiler Alert Ep. 7 I think I found a solution without using VideoPress! 


Club penguin’s Updates Are…

Today is Thursday, so that means Club Penguin updates! Heres whats updated:

  • Club Penguin Times issue 429 [picture coming soon!]
  • January 2014 clothing catalog [picture coming soon!]
  • Message at the snow forts [picture coming soon!]
  • New pin, Scissors Pin [picture coming soon!]
  • Postcards updated [picture coming soon!]

Club Penguin Updates Tonight!

We have news, Club Penguin will update tonight! Heres what may come including minor updates:

  • New Pin
  • January 2014 Penguin Style
  • Club Penguin Times Issue 429
  • Probably a new EPF message
  • Club Penguin Magazine Issue 26 (in the UK)

Heres what I would recommend you to do before the updates:

  • Buy items on clearance on December’s clothing catalog
  • and get the Holiday Gift Pin

Be sure to buy items on clearance and get the Holiday Gift Pin by 9:00 CST or 10:40 CST!


Club Penguin’s Forest Getting New Look; Coming To iPad Along With Cove

In addition to the Ice Rink and Mine Shack coming to the iPad at some point it appears that the Forest and Cove will be available on mobile sometime in the near future also. Not only that, but the Forest will have a new look – one I’m guessing we’ll see on regular Club Penguin too.

Because Club Penguin tends to give new designs to rooms after a party (such as the Cove recently) I think these rooms will be available on mobile (as well as the new Forest design on regular Club Penguin) after the Prehistoric Party. As you may have guessed, V0rtex is the one who has supplied Trainman1405 with this Club Penguin app information.

Here is the look of the newly redesigned Forest. If you’re wondering why the rooms look empty, it’s because it’s just the room’s background. On the Club Penguin app when you visit a room it’s like visiting an igloo: when you first arrive it’s just the igloo, then the furniture items load one by one. The same goes for the iPad app. The room loads then the different objects in the room will load one by one. Here’s the forest without the objects loaded:


Same for the Cove. As you can see it looks just like the one on the regular version of Club Penguin, aside from the objects loaded such as the campfire and a log.


I’m curious: do you prefer the new look of the Forest room shown above or the current one that’s on Club Penguin? I think the new look is much nicer and not as plain. It also fits the rest of Club Penguin’s modernised room looks done over the past year or so.

I would LOVE To thank Trainman1405 for letting me copy and paste this whole, entire post!