What’s coming in September 2015 ~A blog post review

As you can see the Club Penguin Team has released a new blog post, this time hinting about September 2015. The blog post reads:


Hi Penguins!
Ready to unscramble another wonderful list of events coming this month? Who am I kidding… Of course you are! 😀
And… GO:
1. ysedin nntdcseadse yaptr
2. nlntioaa wilelifd nohtm
3. katl leik a ietrpa yda
4. onaatiln divoe gsaem ayd
5. ddeyt eabr ady
6. drea a obok dya
7. bemrmeer nhwe…
8. shear yuro erismoem (10 naaiyvensrr idvoe)
Don’t forget to work together in the comments below — good luck!
-Club Penguin Team
P.S. I’ll be posting Featured Outfits later today — stay tuned 😀


As you can see Club Penguin has brought back the word scramble which started July 2015. Sadly I can’t seem to unscramble these words so I challenge you to unscramble them in the comments.

Cool, coincidence.


I will be piling these in a single blog post, keep watching!



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